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As you begin to write your cover letter, here are a few things you'll need to think about. They're worth thinking about later, as well, as you prepare for MLA interviews and campus visits.

  1. Your teaching philosophy. What do your composition, survey and seminar courses have in common? What do you think students need to learn? How do you approach the teaching of composition? Of literature? How does your research influence your teaching, or vice-versa? What kinds of written assignments do you give? You'll probably need to think about specific texts (for composition/literature course) and how they work together, why you bother to teach them, and so on. You'll also want to think about different courses you would like to teach, and (for interviews, anyway) the particular texts you might assign. Think about the survey courses you will certainly be called upon to teach, but also special seminars and advanced courses you'd like to propose. This is a popular interview question, and you can invite an interviewer to ask you about future teaching if you address this question in your letter.
  2. Your dissertation. Your cover letter will need to address this topic, as concisely and interestingly as possible. You will be asked to describe your dissertation repeatedly (at MLA and on-campus interviews). Try to get to the heart of the topic and have two versions, one about a minute long, theother about three minutes. Be prepared to talk in detail about particular chapters if necessary, but don't begin with that kind of detail. During interviews, try not to sound as if you've memorized the paragraph in your cover letter that describes the dissertation. On the other hand, don't be too disappointed if you never get to talk about your dissertation.
  3. Future research. It helps to end the cover letter with a brief description of future research. If you can connect it somehow to your dissertation research, you can both forge a neat transition and demonstrate that 1) your dissertation has far-reaching implications and 2) you have thought beyond the dissertation. You may never be asked about these future plans in interviews, but then again, you might.

Sample Resume Cover Letter

Faculty Recruiting Committee
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University
4130 Upson Hall
Ithaca, NY 1485-7501

To Whom It May Concern

My name is David Noelle. I am currently a Ph.D. candidate working with Gary Cottrell in the interdisciplinary Computer Science/Cognitive Science program at the University of California, San Diego. Since I expect to complete my dissertation by June of 1997, I am now in the process of searching for a faculty position to fill once I graduate. I am writing to you so that I might be considered for any open tenure track assistant professor positions in your department, specifically that advertised under .

The Ph.D. program which I am completing is quite unique. It is jointly administered by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Cognitive Science. The program has required me to fulfill all of the normal requirements for a Ph.D. in Computer Science and, in addition, it has required several years of work focusing on cognitive psychology and neuroscience. As a result, I have acquired a broad foundation in all of the core areas of computer science, and I have received specialized training in the computational modeling of psychological phenomena. The interdisciplinary nature of this program has profoundly impacted my thesis work. My dissertation committee includes faculty in computer science, psychology, linguistics, philosophy, and cognitive science.

My thesis work is entitled A Connectionist Model Of Instructed Learning. It focuses on a computational model of advice taking. I have formulated an artificial neural network approach to the understanding of how knowledge gained rapidly from direct instruction interacts with that gained over time from experience with the world. In addition to offering a useful technique for the engineering of adaptive systems, my model also explains a number of interference effects which have been previously reported in the psychological literature.

My research interests are broad, spanning from machine learning to computational neuroscience, from user interface design to the psychology of concept formation. I am particularly interested in machine learning problems involving the integration of multiple learning strategies, investigations into implicit and explicit learning, and modeling the biological basis of human memory.

I am very interested in collaborative projects with both computer scientists and cognitive scientists. I would enjoy applying machine learning techniques to computer system problems involving such issues as resource allocation and scheduling, intelligent interfaces, information retrieval, database mining, and adaptive user modeling. Continuing with the interdisciplinary nature of my thesis research, I would also like to interact with neuroscientists, experimental psychologists, and other cognitive scientists. If an opportunity for a joint appointment with a psychology or cognitive science program should arise, I would not hesitate to pursue it.

I have acquired extensive teaching experience over the course of my graduate education. I have supported myself via teaching assistantships through much of this time, and I have also acted as the sole instructor for an upper division computer science course. I have received the Teaching Assistant Excellence Award from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and I have acted as that department's Senior Teaching Assistant for several years. I enjoy teaching, and I am looking forward to future opportunities to do so.

Enclosed please find application materials for any assistant professorships which are open in your department. I have included a copy of my curriculum vitae, a brief statement of my research interests, some comments on my teaching interests, and a few of my publications. If requested, letters of reference should arrive under separate cover. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for further documentation. I may be reached at the address listed in the letterhead, above, via the Internet at, or at (619)~272-7719.

Thanks very much for your consideration!


curriculum vitae, statement of research interests, statement of teaching interests, selected publications

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