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Offset Press Operator IV Duties

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This is the highest position for a press operator at University Printing. Individuals in this position must possess high skills in the knowledge, operation and maintenance of a variety of complex offset printing presses of the pressroom of University Printing. The individual filling this position will be able to operate all presses within the shop with a high degree of skill and discernment. The employee is responsible for the quality printing of books, folders, brochures, and all other printed material.

Responsibilities include setting up, maintaining, adjusting, and operating any one of a variety of small and large presses. The employee is responsible for performing all regular preventative maintenance on the press or presses to which he/she may be assigned. A general knowledge of the individual presses and their capabilities is expected.

Work may involve the training of other employees to operate any one of the presses on which the Offset Press Operator IV is qualified to operate.

The OPOIV position differs from that of Offset Press Operator III in two ways in particular. First, the OPOIV is expected to be proficient in the care and operation of more types of presses than the OPOIII. Second, the OPOIV is expected to demonstrate a higher degree of skill level and discernment than the OPOII or III.

The OPOIV should be able to work independently under the general supervision of the Press Supervisor. The supervisor will make job assignments and review the work in progress to determine adherence of the OPOIV to follow job specifications and established quality control standards. The OPOIV will be responsible for exercising a good faith effort to meet all reasonable production requirements set by management.

In the absence of the press supervisor, under the guidance and direction of the Assistant Manager or Manager, the OPOIV is expected to assume responsibility for leadership and continuing the work and training of all junior individuals in the pressroom (meeting deadlines and adhering to schedules).


Sets ups, adjusts, and operates offset printing presses to print various printed materials.

Makes adjustments, cleans, lubricates press to achieve successful printing operation. Performs all regular daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance for presses and other pressroom equipment in compliance with either manufacturer's suggestions or Printing Department's determined schedule.

Develops and maintains the correct pressure and registration between the plates and ink in order to obtain a clean, clear impression of the material being printed.

Informs Supervisor of the need of materials, inks, and other supplies for the pressroom.

Trains apprentices in the operation of various types of press equipment.

Inspects work in progress and finished materials to ensure the quality standards and accuracy of printing is being maintained.

Resolves technical problems with presses, inks, and other solutions as necessary. Also responsible for calling attention of any problems with equipment to supervisor.

Will supervise those junior OPO's as designated by individuals in higher positions of responsibility. Performs other related jobs as required.


Graduation from a standard high school is mandatory. College, vocational school, or specialized trade education or previous on-the job training should be considered as an asset.

Considerable experience as a journeyman press operator and a familiarity with various types of presses-especially of the type and size found within the pressroom of University Printing.


Ability to detect defects in printed pieces while jobs are in progress and make adjustments for correction.

Must possess a strong commitment to quality of work produced.

Ability to comprehend and effectively follow oral and written instructions and to see that those working as helpers are properly instructed and checked for compliance in following such instruction.

Strong mechanical ability and a through knowledge and understanding of the operation of offset printing presses in general. Knowledge of presses currently being operated by University Printing essential.

Through knowledge of the use of and application of inks to paper and of the various chemicals and materials used in the pressroom.

Ability to train junior employees in the use and operation of individual presses and provide guidance and instruction where needed.




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