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Irrigation Repairer Senior Duties and Responsibilities

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Purpose of Classification:

Designs, programs, repairs, installs, and maintains underground lawn sprinkler systems.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

This is second in a series of two classifications. This class differs from the Irrigation Specialist in that it directs irrigation crews and inspects work, designs, and lays out automated lawn sprinkler systems, and has responsibility for entering data into the database for the programming of daily schedules.

Examples of Duties:

  • Coordinates the activities of subordinates.
  • Sets, programs, and maintains times on computer and electronic valve clocks; troubleshoots computerized electronic systems, irrigation controllers, solenoid valves, and heads of all types.
  • Maps systems for campus-wide master plans using a computerized system.
  • Programs computer for daily-automated sprinkler schedules.
  • Assigns and inspects the work of irrigation specialists; initiates corrective action to secure satisfactory standards and timely project completion.
  • Plans and develops work schedules, equipment usage schedules, and procedures for equipment maintenance.
  • Maintains cost records, which may include time and material costs; estimates irrigation design and repairs.
  • Designs new and complex irrigation systems or may redesign old irrigation systems.
  • Maintains accurate landscape drawings manually or on computer design system; maintains accurate records of water usage to maximize water efficiency; reviews, approves, or changes contract specifications.
  • Coordinates with electrician, telecommunications staff, and other appropriate departments/outside contractors in the design, installation, and repairs of automated underground lawn sprinkler systems.
  • Repairs and inspects lines, valves, and sprinklers on underground lawn sprinkler systems; installs new drip and sprinkler systems; removes old systems and recovers reusable equipment.
  • Operates tractors and trenchers to install lines; may operate various snow removal equipment and shovel snow and ice from designated areas.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of ground maintenance.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of computerized systems and time clocks, electrical wiring and wire functions, blue staking identification and trade-service support.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of underground lawn sprinkler system repair and installation techniques, and the design and redesign of irrigation systems.
  • Knowledge of mechanical maintenance, including electrical, plumbing and carpentry.
  • Knowledge and skills in telecommunication wiring and repairs.
  • Skill in the repair and installation of underground lawn sprinkler systems.
  • Skill in math sufficient to figure pipe flows, gallanges, pipe sizing, friction losses, run times, systems efficiency, spacing, and head selections.
  • Ability to read blue prints.
  • Skill in both verbal and written communication.

Minimum Qualifications:

Five years of underground lawn sprinkler system repair and installation experience, which includes one year of sprinkler system design and inspection experience; OR, Associate's degree in Agriculture or Horticulture AND three years' experience in the design, inspection, repair, and installation of sprinkler systems; OR, Any equivalent combination of experience and/or education from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved. Possession of current Arizona Type D driverís license is required upon employment.


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