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Sample Chronological Resume Experience

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You should recall from the Resume Types section that the chronological resume is most effective when past experiences are all related to the next career goal. Its structure demonstrates the individual's past positions and the logical step-wise progression to the next position. By listing experiences from the most recent back in time, the career path leading to this next step is clearly expressed.

Sample Chronological Resume Experience

Employer Information

The following basic information is provided for each of the experiences included in your chronological resume:

  • Name of employer

    City & state where the employer is located
    Experience Section Name
    Typically all experiences have some level of relevance to the career objective, therefore they are all provided with some degree of detailed information. Therefore, they are often listed in one section which may be labeled:

  • It is best to select the label that most effectively describes the experience(s). However, they do not need to be in one section – depending on the number and types of experiences, it may be helpful to group them for emphasis. Grouping experiences in this manner would be done to reduce a long “laundry” type list and help emphasize various areas of related experiences. If it is determined that the related experiences will be divided into two or more sections, the experiences within each section should be listed in reverse chronological order.

    An example of grouping of experiences all related to securing a teaching position:


Dates of Employment

  • May be listed by year (1999-2002); by month and year (June 2000 – January 2002); or by time period (Summer 2000) – select the one that is most appropriate for your experiences. Remember to be consistent – select one style for listing dates and use it throughout this section.

Position Held

  • If more than one position was held for one employer, they may all be listed (beginning with the most recent first); they may be grouped together under the heading “various positions” rather than listing all of them; or the most recent position may be listed along with the fact that other positions were also held.


  • After researching the position and determining those experiences that are related, it is important to add details to the basic information listed above. These details will communicate more completely your accomplishments and qualifications for the position. The experiences you list may be paid or unpaid.
  • List information in order of importance to the position with most important first.
  • Two very important words to keep in mind – Quantify and Qualify whenever possible and appropriate – it will change what will read like a job description to what the prospective employer will read as actual accomplishments. (You will get more information in the next section on Effective Language.)
  • Present information in concise phrases (not complete sentences) beginning with a strong action verb – less is more here; try to eliminate extraneous words. (You will get more information in the next section on Effective Language.)



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