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Sample Combination Resume Experience

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It is in developing the Experience section of your combination resume that an understanding of the skills related to the position is essential. It will help you determine how experiences will be presented – will they all be listed in one section; will they be separated into related and unrelated sections; or will they be divided among several experience sections. The experiences may be paid or unpaid.

Sample Combination Resume Experience

Position Held

  • If more than one position was held for one employer, they may all be listed (beginning with the most recent first); they may be grouped together under the heading “various positions” rather than listing all of them; or the most recent position may be listed along with the fact that other positions were also held.
  • Related Experiences - Section Name
  • Examples for labeling related experience(s) in a combination resume:

    Related Experience
    Professional Experience
    Engineering Experience
    Sales Experience
    Research Experience
    Management Experience
    Laboratory Experience

Related Experiences - Responsibilities

  • After researching the position and determining those experiences that are related, it is important to add details to the basic information listed above. These details will communicate more completely your accomplishments and qualifications for the position.
  • It is in developing the related experience section(s) of your combination resume that an understanding of the skills related to the position is essential, as well as the language used by the field, and more specifically by, the prospective employer. It will help you determine how these related experiences will be presented - what terminology you will use; which responsibilities to emphasize; and which responsibilities may be omitted.
  • The experiences may be paid or unpaid.
  • In addition, the related experiences may be separated into one or more sections and labeled differently depending on your situation - determine what would be most appropriate and effective for you.

Employer Information

  • The following basic information is provided for each of the experiences (related or un-related) included in your combination resume: Name of employer and City & state where the employer is located

Un-Related Experiences - Responsibilities

  • In addition to the related experiences, those experiences not directly related to the career goal of the resume are still listed. They provide information related to work ethic qualities and often help explain gaps in time not covered by related experiences.
  • Most of these experiences are paid and are sometimes given the heading “Employment” instead of experience.
  • Only the basic information listed above is provided in this section – details about the experiences are not necessary.
  • These experiences are typically listed after the more related experiences and sometimes listed even later in the resume, depending on the content of the other sections of the resume.



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