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How to Create a Resume

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How do I list my Education?
By listing your college education, employers will assume that you have graduated from high school or completed your GED, so do not include high school information. When you list your college information, be certain to include your degree, the name of college, major(s), minor(s), emphasis, date of graduation, and your GPA if it is above a 3.0. Write your G.P.A. as out of a possible 4.0 (e.g., GPA: 3.83/4.0.) If you are a transfer student, include your information from previous colleges as well in the same fashion.

How important is it to include Computer Skills?
In this day and age, employers want to know what computer skills you have. List software you know as well as hardware.

Listing Experience

Relevant Experiences:
Begin with experiences that relate to your job objective. Use bullet points to highlight your major accomplishments and tasks in each position you held. Begin each phrase with an action verb, NEVER starting the phrase with "Responsible for…" Emphasize what you did in each position that would relevant for the job you're applying for. As much as possible, quantify what you did (e.g., "surpassed sales goal by 10%"). Think of the following areas:

  • Internship(s): Describe your key accomplishments and responsibilities, the type of environment you were in, experience with computers, industry-specific tools, etc.
  • Part-Time Work or Summer Jobs: Consider what skills you gained from these experiences, rather than what duties you had. Consider the environment and transferable skills. For example, if you had three part-time positions and they all involve sales or customer service, highlight the fact that you are successful in sales or customer service in three different industries, each of which requires a different base of knowledge.
  • Volunteer Experience: These experiences can be very valuable as they show your commitment to helping others; they can also show your leadership skills.
  • College-Related Activities: Include descriptions of skills you have gained and used in various leadership positions on campus or otherwise. Leadership skills are among the top skills sought by employers. A prospective employer wants to hire a total person and, therefore, will be interested in your activities outside the classroom. List scholarships by name, Dean's List, positions in organizations, and sports, with dates following each.
  • Class Projects: If you have limited work experience, list class projects you've completed (e.g., developing a website) that would be relevant for the job you're targeting.
On your resume, you should have around 5-6 headings. These are the key sections you need to have on your resume:
Objective, Education, Work Experience, Activities, Awards
  • The actual headings you use depends on what best fits the information you're presenting. For example, if you have a few awards, list those under a separate section. If you only have one honor (e.g., Dean's List), that can be put under your education.
  • Instead of using the general heading "Work Experience," it can be much more effective to use a heading that is specific to the area you're going into (e.g. "Teaching Experience" or "Public Relations Experience").



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