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Resume Checklist

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  • Are my name and address correct and complete? Are they displayed clearly at the top of the page?
  • Did I use the most professional sounding version of my name - e.g. William instead of Billy Bob?
  • Is my phone number correct with the area code included?
  • If I have one listed, does my email address sound professional?


  • Is my objective focused and precise, stating exactly the position I want?
  • Is it supported by the rest of my resume - education, skills, experience, etc.?
  • Is it brief - 12 words or less?


  • Do I have my most current degree listed first?
  • Do I list the correct date (month, year) listed for when I received each degree?
  • Did I list the location of the school - city and state?
  • Did I correctly identify the degree I received - for example did I receive a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or Bachelor of Art (B.A.) degree?
  • Did I omit my high school information after I completed more than two years of college unless listing impressive honors or relevant extra-curricular activities?
  • If I am applying for a co-op or internship, did I list the courses I completed successfully that are relevant to the job I am seeking?
  • Did I list my GPA? Should I have?


  • Have I listed any licenses or certifications I hold?


  • Did I include the correct starting and ending dates for each job?
  • Did I list my correct job title for each job?
  • Did I include the correct names of all employers/organizations?
  • Did I list the correct location for each employer (city & state)?
  • Did I include all of the paid, internship or cooperative education experiences relevant to the job I am seeking?
  • Did I use phrases beginning with strong action words to describe my contributions and achievements for each job?
  • Have I overused any words in these descriptions?
  • Did I eliminate unnecessary words such as I, the, and an?
  • Was I careful not to use acronyms or abbreviations that might not be understood by everyone reading my resume?


  • Did I use the correct name for the honor/award?
  • Did I identify the organization or school from where I received each award?
  • Did I list the year it was received?
  • If it isn't clear from the name, did I explain why it was received?


If I know that computer skills are highly important in the position I am applying for, have I included a section indicating what computer systems (IBM-PC, Macintosh), Languages, Networks and Applications (Microsoft Office, etc.) with which I am proficient?


  • Did I list any positions of responsibility I held including the title, name of the organization and the dates I served/participated?
  • Did I list any achievements or transferable skills gained that are relevant?
  • Did I make sure to omit any activities or personal interests that are not relevant to the job I am seeking?


  • Is it easy to read with an uncluttered look?
  • Have I used the appropriate font style and size (10-12 pts.)?
  • Have I used high quality (16-25 lb.) bond paper?
  • Is my resume paper a neutral, low-key color (white, ivory, etc.)?
  • Do my envelopes match my resume paper in color and paper quality?
  • Have I used appropriate spacing between sections?
  • Are my margins at least an inch on all sides?
  • If my resume is longer than one page, did I write continued at the bottom of my first page and my name & "Page Two" at the top of the second page?
  • Is my style consistent throughout - same font, format for headings, etc.?
  • Is my writing style brief using succinct language - phrases with no paragraphs over five lines long?
  • *Is my resume absolutely free from any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, usage and typographical errors?



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